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My Personal MONAT Story

Alright friends, this might not be the first time you’re hearing about Monat since it has taken the hair care industry by storm in just 4 years. The products safely heal your hair from the inside-out and have clinical studies to prove it.

What is MONAT?

Wondering what Monat is? Let me share. Monat is a naturally-based anti-aging hair care line that is infused with a proprietary blend of botanical oils. There are no parabens, sulfates or harsh chemicals. They are vegan and Leaping Bunny certified (no animal testing). Not to mention they are the only hair care line that has clinical studies proven to regrow hair and prevent hair loss.  Basically pure awesomeness in a bottle!


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Before and After MONAT

My Story

I had been struggling with my hair for several years despite going to the salon once a month and using nothing but the best products money could buy. When I was younger my hair was thick and beautiful, but around the time I turned 40 I started noticing my hair changing. I kept it short because it was getting thin, felt weighed down and had NO shine. Even my once a month hair day wasn’t the greatest hair day. 

I switched between so many different salon products over the years but nothing worked. And then one day in November 2017 I decided to invest in MONAT after noticing my friend’s hair looking amazing.

The first few washes I was sold! My hair felt light and smooth as butter! Yay!!!

I was overjoyed – all rainbows and sunshine…until the “transition.” My hair started to feel greasy at the roots and weighed down. Also tangled which is not something I had ever dealt with. So, I immediately started reaching to other MONAT uses to find out what was going on.  After learning more and seeing so many amazing before-and-afters I decided to stick it out and trust the process. I had years worth of buildup to get rid of. Now that I’m more educated, it all made sense. The process went on for about 2-3 weeks.

After the transition it was smooth sailing and literally week after week I could see my hair improving. Not only was I noticing the positive changes, but people around me were too! I was getting compliments left and right. It felt so good and I then wanted to try all the things, so I signed up as a Market Partner JUST to get the discounted Product Pack AND the 30% discount on all of my future orders. (more on that below)

After 11 Months Using MONAT

It’s now officially been one year that I’ve been using MONAT products EXCLUSIVELY and I’ve never had hair this good in my entire life!!! I’m forever grateful that I didn’t give up a year ago. I’ve gained so much confidence now that I love my hair again! It is:

  • Twice as thick
  • Shinier then ever before
  • Now able to hold color for longer
  • Manageable
  • Much longer and is still growing

Here is what I use every wash-day (yes I can now go 3-4 days between washes!):

Black 2-in-1 and Revive Shampoo – I start with the Black for my first wash.  It’s very clarifying and I love how clean my scalp feels. Next step I use Revive for volume. I love this combo for me. The key to using the shampoo is making sure you wash your hair twice, and leaving it on for 1-2 minutes before rinsing. You just need around a dime size (yep, that’s all!) each wash. The products are very concentrated, which is incredible because they LAST A LONG TIME!! Note: the first wash will typically have no suds. Weird, I know. But the second wash will.

Intense Repair Conditioner and Restore Leave-in Conditioner – I love the IR conditioner and I apply after I shampoo.  The Leave-in Conditioner is something I apply after I get out of the shower.

REJUVABEADS –  This is the magic sauce! 3 pumps of this cream to your wet ends instantly cures your split ends.  I use the REJUVABEADS first, always before the other styling products.

Blow Out Cream – MUST HAVE FAVORITE! It makes your hair feel so smooth & shiny AND it’s a heat-protectant, making you feel like you just had a professional blow out!. I put a pee size amount and rub my hands together – work throughout

Thickening Spray– is life!!! Plumps up the hair strands and adds extra body, bounce and volume to the hair shaft with a flexible hold. It also smells amazing!

What I use weekly:

Super Moisture Masque – I only use this once a month while I’m in the shower and after I’ve washed my hair. I use it in place of my conditioner and leave it on for 5-10 minutes. It makes your hair extremely soft.

The Champ Dry Shampoo – Need I say more? This is the BEST one on the market in my opinion. It smells amazing and is perfect for between my wash days for some oomph! It also contains NO harmful ingredients like most dry shampoos.  Go read your labels on those others because most list the first few ingredients as propane and butane! Um, no thanks!

REJUVENIQE Oil Intensive – There are SO many amazing ways to use this oil. I won’t go into them all here, but my favorite include using all over my face and neck before my moisturizer, using as a pre-shampoo treatment and as a finishing oil I use on my ends. This oil is infused with over thirteen natural plant and essential oils to help nourish your skin, scalp and hair. It’s absolutely my holy grail of hair and skin products!

Refinish Control Hairspray–  I love using this as a working and finish spray. Our hairspray is actually good for your hair! Infused with REJUVENIQE Oil Intensive, it offers texture, volume, and natural shine – all without any sticky residue or build-up.

The MONAT Opportunity:

What Monat has done for me is provide yet another outlet to empower women, lead a team, make new friendships and dream BIG.

This has fulfilled a need to challenge myself, to learn new things, become more confident and to be involved with other like-minded women in business. Every day I wake up excited to be a part of this business and community!

Oh, and as a bonus – my husband Billy works this business with me by helping our entire team to be the best they can be! We are both 100% committed to helping as many others as we can reach their own goals with MONAT, whatever they are.

Whether you simply want to use these products for yourself or you’d like to get paid for helping others discover the most incredible hair care line on the planet, reach out to us at – we’ll help you all the way!

– Tracy Pote


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Blush Studio

Below are some of my personal friends who have transformed their hair with MONAT…


Hair Transformation – Leeka

Meet my friend Leeka. She was an overwhelmed, overworked photographer, unhappy, depressed mommy of 4 kids watching her dreams slip away further and further….

“I was shooting almost every night, weddings every weekend and then editing non stop every night till past midnight. ‘Mommy, can we play?!’ Nikolai would ask?! – ‘Go away! Watch some tv, please! Mommy’s working. ‘ 😫

“Eating crap food and not exercising. ( Also drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes!!!) 🙈😭

“I bought Monat in June. I had Z E R O plans to sell. Zero. I fell in love with the product and in October said- mkay, I will upgrade to MP and tell my girlfriends about it since they ask about my hair anyway….. fast forward to today- picked up my free Cadillac- paid for by my amazing shampoo company – went to my VERY FIRST cruise to Bermudas in May and I’ll be packing my bag to head down to Bahamas in November with my husband and a few girlfriends who believed in me!!! Not to mention my bank account upgrade AND my HAIR!! OMG, the best hair of my life!!! ✨❤️✨

“…so, since you are going to wash your hair anyway… might as well give this shampoo a chance to transform your hair OR YOUR LIFE!!!!”

I’ve watched Leeka bloom into this confident, strong, successful, healthy woman and it’s been a beautiful journey to watch. It all started with some shampoo you guys 🖤 I mean seriously you just never know! Because she opened her mind to this side hustle- because she refused to sit back and watch an opportunity like this pass her by- Leeka is now in a much better place and has so many new dreams and goals for her future.

I had so much fun spoiling her recently with professional makeup and a photoshoot! She is so giving and motivating – totally deserves a special day of pampering and fun!

– Tracy