Meet my friend Leeka. She was an overwhelmed, overworked photographer, unhappy, depressed mommy of 4 kids watching her dreams slip away further and further….

“I was shooting almost every night, weddings every weekend and then editing non stop every night till past midnight. ‘Mommy, can we play?!’ Nikolai would ask?! – ‘Go away! Watch some tv, please! Mommy’s working. ‘ 😫

“Eating crap food and not exercising. ( Also drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes!!!) 🙈😭

“I bought Monat in June. I had Z E R O plans to sell. Zero. I fell in love with the product and in October said- mkay, I will upgrade to MP and tell my girlfriends about it since they ask about my hair anyway….. fast forward to today- picked up my free Cadillac- paid for by my amazing shampoo company – went to my VERY FIRST cruise to Bermudas in May and I’ll be packing my bag to head down to Bahamas in November with my husband and a few girlfriends who believed in me!!! Not to mention my bank account upgrade AND my HAIR!! OMG, the best hair of my life!!! ✨❤️✨

“…so, since you are going to wash your hair anyway… might as well give this shampoo a chance to transform your hair OR YOUR LIFE!!!!”

I’ve watched Leeka bloom into this confident, strong, successful, healthy woman and it’s been a beautiful journey to watch. It all started with some shampoo you guys 🖤 I mean seriously you just never know! Because she opened her mind to this side hustle- because she refused to sit back and watch an opportunity like this pass her by- Leeka is now in a much better place and has so many new dreams and goals for her future.

I had so much fun spoiling her recently with professional makeup and a photoshoot! She is so giving and motivating – totally deserves a special day of pampering and fun!

– Tracy