In November of 2017, I was working out with my friend Dianne and noticed that her hair looked different. As in – incredible! I asked her what she was doing differently and she told me about this new haircare line she had discovered called MONAT. And she even offered to let me try it right there at her house. After just one wash and style, I knew this was something different.

What is this magic in a bottle???

Mind you – I have used professional salon products my entire adult life, and I’ve tried them all. But over the past fifteen or so years I had not been very happy with my hair. I had always just assumed that it was part of getting older, and I accepted that my hair was never going to be thick and long like it once was.

Here is my hair before MONAT. Yes, I was using high end products.

Before MONAT

Back to that day I tried this new product line – I knew I wanted this for myself but didn’t want to commit to anything. I already had a huge collection of products that I had tried and stopped liking that were taking up all the space under my sink, and I didn’t need to add to it! So I purchased as a Retail customer and paid full price.

Of the countless hair products I have used in my life, I have NEVER experienced a product line like this. It performs like no other, and my hair is not only healthy, soft and shinier than ever – I have finally been able to grow my hair LONGER! Not only that, I can now go more days between washes and sometimes when I go to see my stylist, I don’t even need to get my hair trimmed! Um, that has never happened before!

Eleven months after starting MONAT

I was hooked and now wanted in on a discount. Dianne told me about the two other options for saving money: I could join as a VIP customer and commit to three total orders of $84 or more for a 15% discount, or I could join as a Market Partner for as low as $299 up front and get a 30% discount on all future orders with no further obligations. Since I knew I loved the products and I wanted the biggest possible discount, I joined as a Market Partner. But no, I had no intentions to do this as a business. I ONLY wanted the discount.

When you keep an open mind, good things happen…

When my product pack arrived, my husband Billy asked me what it all was. I told him that I joined just for the discount, insisting that I had no obligation to sell anything. Billy being Billy, he was skeptical and immediately began combing through the website – fully expecting to find the fine print that would prove that I had been scammed. We have both steered clear of “network marketing opportunities” our whole lives, and he was especially leery. But believe it or not, after researching everything for days he not only admitted that he couldn’t find anything that proved I was getting scammed – he actually talked me into doing this as a business! He is my partner with Blush Studio and is the business & numbers guy, and he figured out that this was not only NOT a scam but an incredible opportunity.

We started working this new business together from the beginning, and within the first few weeks we had made back my initial investment ten fold. Since then, we’ve never looked back and have helped hundreds of clients achieve gorgeous & healthy hair. Not only that – we are now helping many Market Partners grow their own businesses, and through our growing network we’ve introduced several hundred more to this exciting healthy hair revolution. I am SO happy that I kept an open mind, because our lives have changed SO much for the better!

Want to hear more? First, join our Facebook group Hair Confidence by Blush where we share product info, do regular giveaways, and share hair and makeup secrets. Whether you’re only interested in purchasing the products or you want to hear more about the opportunity, reach out to us. We never pressure anybody, but we’re always happy to share all that we know. You’ve got nothing to lose, and at the very least – healthier and more gorgeous hair to gain!

– Tracy and Billy Pote